Wednesday, 10 March 2010

10. Comments - Policies

I do get some feedback from readers, but not a huge amount. But today I would like to make a specific request. What do you think should be in legislation with respect to technology and dyslexia that would be fair and easy to implement? This is not an empty questions, but one that will feed a project I am looking to pull together with respected friends and colleagues across Europe.

You can either email me direct, or post a comment here.



Hilery Williams said...

At the very least learners with dyslexia need to have access to a talking word processor with spellchecking facility (WordTalk, in Scotland at least, is freely available); confidently use shortcuts in using Word and know how to touch-type or use digital voice recorders (and have reasonable acccess to computers, obviously). Mind Mapping software is pretty important too.
I don't know how you can legislate for this though. said...

Hi Hilary
The answer is that you back those with the power to implement into a corner with their own rhetoric so they have little choice but to agree (with themselves). And yes, I am working on it.

Also, I like your blog.

Best wishes, Ian