Wednesday, 17 December 2008

17. Note online - Evernote

There is an increasing number of note-taking software, and range of activities you can do with them. Evernote provide a diversity of sophisticated techniques from searching to indexing. It can use text as well as images and video, and it is even clever enough to search for text within images. As it is online, it works on all platforms, and you can access it on your mobile phone.

Rather than list all the modes, see the introductory video on their website.


Keywords: Evernote, note-taking


Troy Malone said...

yep. Evernote rocks! Try it with the project management system as well. The integration is done and it works great! said...

Pelotonics looks very interesting. I shall review it later once I have come to grips with the dyslexia aspect of it, and how dyslexia friendly it is. Thanks for the link. We may even try it on one of our EU dyslexia projects!

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